Condor Skins Online. What is it?

Condor Skins Online web application could be useful for Condor pilots who want to be seen with their favourite skin by other players and for pilots who want to see other player skin without many gigabytes of bitmaps placed in their Condor installation.

There is Mike Haller's JDownload web component software implemented in CSO aplication. It downloads and place the skin files into their right directories. Java is required for this soft, so make sure you have got installed and allowed it.

How Condor Skins Online works

  1. Register by selecting your correct pilot.ini file of Condor installation and inputing a password.
  2. Upload your favourite skins or skin you want to dress for next online flight or race. But one skin for one plane only. If you upload another skin for the same plane, the old skin will be deleted from database.
  3. Before the beginning of a race or online flight download other pilot skins to see them in their colors. CSO knows when you made last download and only the new skins would be downloaded.
  4. After downloading, you will receive "plane" directory including all new skins inside. It will be placed in MyDocuments directory in your local file system by default. Copy the new "plane" directory into your Condor installation. (Make sure that there's no "plane" directory with older skins before downloading in target directory, because CSO cannot overwrite files in your local system.)


You will have to confirm Mike Haller's certification during your first downloading. It is necessary, as java applet in JDownload saves skins into your local file system.


The section for uploading could be made better including some progress indication. Tags "input type=file" are not styled enough, perhaps I'll do it later. I am not sure if CSO brings some good results in Condor skins management, but let's test the application and we will see. Good luck and fly high.

Fil Sykora (FIL)